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Breastfeeding: Five things to do while you nurse your baby

If you ever feel like you cannot do anything while you have one breast in your child's mouth constantly, look no further. Here are 5 things you can easily do with one hand!

1. Read a book, or have one read to you: Breastfeeding.com has FREE audio books available for download. Some are for the mom to enjoy, and some are to keep any older siblings entertained while they wait.

2. Catch up on phone calls: I have done many interviews and resolved many bill issues while feeding a baby. When you get to know your baby's natural pattern, you know how long you have to commit before it becomes obvious that another person is... umm... involved in the conversation.

3. Make a grocery list: The great thing about a suckling baby is that when the mouth is full, they are quiet! Seize the opportunity and get ahead on your list of to-dos on your next outing.

4. Exercise: Sound strange? Depending upon your baby's finicky nature (two out of my three were ok with this) you can take a walk inside the house or do light knee bends while your baby nurses. The walk around the house is absolutely the easiest because you do not get sweaty. Depending upon what kind of shape you are in though, a simple increase in your natural stride can help burn calories without effecting your milk letdown. Just start slow and see what your baby will allow you to do.

5. Relax: Moms tend to get pretty antsy with their nursing babies sometimes. We want out bodies back, our time back, and our life back. Realistically though, sometimes just taking that time to enjoy the moment is a good bonding experience. Take a deep breath, look into your baby's eyes and realize... this really will not last forever. This time is a gift. Enjoy it.

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