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Mobile Broadband

Over recent years fixed line broadband has become enormously popular both in homes and offices, and an increasing number of households and offices now rely on broadband technology to access the Internet. However, more recently a new technology has started to cause a stir in the communications market, and this known as mobile broadband, which is designed to meet the needs of people that want or need to access the Internet whilst out and about rather than only when they are in the home or office.

About mobile broadband technology

Already this innovative technology is proving very popular, and the take up of mobile broadband has already increased quite quickly. This technology enables consumers to enjoy total mobility, as well as convenience, ease, and flexibility, which is something that you do not get with fixed line broadband. With mobile broadband your office can be wherever you want it to be.

Whereas fixed line broadband uses fiber optic cable or copper telephone wires to connect people to the Internet, mobile broadband uses mobile phone networks to do this, which effectively means that you can use mobile broadband anywhere that you can get a mobile phone signal. This is done through the use of a modem, which you will receive when you sign up to mobile broadband.

Mobile broadband modems

The mobile broadband modem connects you to the Internet through your USB connection, which means that you do not need electricity and can therefore enjoy this mobile access. These small compact modems can be easily transported around. The type of mobile broadband modem that you will receive will depend on your needs and the provider that you go through, but the options include:
  • USB dongle
  • USB stick
  • Mobile data cards for use with laptops that have plug and go software

Is mobile broadband just for business people?

Business people are likely to find mobile broadband very useful if they tend to go out and about as part of their business, as it means that they can access to Internet and deal with business no matter where they are, effectively providing them with a mobile office. However, many other people can benefit from mobile broadband technology too. For instance, students who are in and out of college and university may find that mobile broadband provides them with increased flexibility and convenience. Those that use the Internet for recreational purposes but also like to travel will be able to benefit from mobile broadband. Some people may even like to have mobile broadband for the home for example, those that have no fixed broadband and do not want to have landline installed and pay costly line rental fees. In fact, anyone that wants to enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and mobility that mobile broadband offers can benefit from this technology.

Factors to consider before signing up to mobile broadband

It is likely that the take up of mobile broadband will continue to increase quite quickly, but before you take the plunge make sure that you ask yourself some important questions to help determine which package is going to be right for you. This includes:
  • What will you be using mobile broadband for, and based on that, what sort of speeds will you need? If you are using it for business then you may want to look at higher speeds.
  • What sorts of download allowance do the various provider offers, and will this be sufficient? The download allowance can vary from one provider to another, so you need to compare this.
  • Will you be able to get proper access to the Internet based on the area/environment that you live, work, or travel in? Your speed and access ability can be affected by your location, environment, and the signal strength in the area.
  • What sort of contract length will you want to start off with? Whilst some providers offer special deals for taking out longer contracts such as eighteen or twenty four months, you may want to test the water with a twelve month contract to start with.
  • How much can you afford to pay? There are different mobile broadband deals on offer with the different providers, so make sure the compare them to see what is on offer to get the most suitable and affordable deal.
Which mobile broadband provider?

You will also need to decide on which provider you want to go with, and the choice of providers in Sri Lanka for mobile broadband are:
Each of these offers different packages, different prices, and a choice of modem options. Make sure you check details such as the maximum speeds offered, download allowance, cost, contract length and terms, and modem options available.

The good and the bad

There are many benefits to having mobile broadband, and this is why this technology has taken off so rapidly. When you have mobile broadband you can enjoy access to the Internet no matter where you are, providing you have a mobile phone signal; you don't have the same data security risks as you would with WiFi; you can get some very competitive deals; and you can enjoy an affordable a flexible alternative to having a landline installed in the home.

On the downside transfer of data across 3G networks can be more costly, and this means that download limits can be more restricted. Also, you are not guaranteed a connection, as your ability to access the Internet will be dependant on where you are and how strong the signal is.

Where will it go from here?

Although it is unlikely that mobile broadband will replace fixed line broadband in homes and offices at least not yet there are plans to improve their fairly new technology already underway. When 4G technology comes along this could help to smooth out any issues with limited downloads and slow speeds, and could help to reduce the cost of mobile broadband as a result.

In the meantime the future looks bright for mobile broadband, with the number of people taking advantage of this technology expected to soar, and with some industry officials comparing the take up or mobile broadband with take up of the mobile phone in the 1990s.
Source from: - http://www.broadband-expert.co.uk/

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